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From 1985 to today

Since 1985, JACK GOMME has never ceased to cultivate its singularity. His creative spirit is rooted in the heart of innovative, often unusual materials, diverted, reinterpreted, always friendly to the wearer and the touch, playing a complicity with the body.


In 1985, Sophie Renier and Paul Droulers took up the challenge of creating bags and accessories that were light, simple, practical and accessible to all, with a mix of pure design and rock rhythms, Japanese minimalism and warm colors.


In 1986, the Festival international des arts de la mode de Hyères dedicated their joyful hybrid bag dresses to them.


1998 marks a turning point for the brand with theopening of their first boutique in the heart of Paris.
Located at 6 rue Montmartre in the 1st arrondissement, Paul Droulers designed the concept and layout of our first outlet.


In 2006, the LIGHT line crystallized our DNA and became one of our greatest successes: innovative materials, contemporary design and ergonomics.


In 2013, we opened our second boutique in the popular Marais district, rue Saint-Claude.
This new space reflects the brand's creative codes and artistic influences. Numerous works by artists, from Marc Borgers to Watts Ouattara, Martes Bathori and Robert Droulers, punctuate the space.


JACK GOMME is them,
Sophie Renier & Paul Droulers.

Sophie is an aesthete with a passion for design, typography, contemporary dance and color harmonies.

Paul, on the other hand, seems to have lived 1,000 lives: an outstanding sailor who crossed the Atlantic single-handed, he loves innovative, solid, lightweight textiles that remind him of the sturdiness of his sailboat.
He designs prototypes in his Buttes Chaumont workshop in Paris.

The workshop

L'atelier de Paul is located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, just a stone's throw from the rolling Buttes Chaumont park.
A neighborhood of typically Parisian architecture, family atmosphere and cosmopolitan influences, where daily life is warm and welcoming.

Trained as a fashion designer, he designs all the prototypes.

"The useful can be beautiful and the beautiful accessible".

Sir Terence Conran

Made in France

From day one, Made in France has been an integral part of the brand's DNA. A guarantee of responsiveness, this label is an obvious choice for us. 100% of our products are designed and developed in Paul's workshop in Paris. Materials are sourced with the utmost care, while eco-responsible certifications are given priority.

JACK GOMME's aim is to make everyday life easier for as many people as possible, by creating lightweight, minimalist bags and accessories in cheerful, accessible colors.


Our bags are inspired by the simple lines of urban architecture


The lightness of our products is an essential quality


Our bags always contain a surprise that's original, funny and ahead of its time.

Our icons


The origin of the name JACK GOMME takes us back to our first creations using Bulgomme, an atypical material reminiscent of Arte Povera.

Our icons


Our Kangaroo bag has become an emblematic model of the 90s. Its asymmetrical format allows total freedom of movement while keeping your hands free!

Our icons


Our leather suspenders in honor of the Eiffel Tower.

Our icons


A commercial success in the early 2000s for the Daphné collection and its Fresh tote designed in matt coated canvas and leather.

Our icons


An emblematic winter model, the Méribel bag continues to keep us warm thanks to its lightness and sleeve-effect pockets that keep hands warm.

Our icons


Iconic "half-moon" models, Elle and Luna bear witness to the constant desire to combine beauty with functionality, thanks to their supple leather and tortoiseshell buckle.

Our icons


Hailing from Japan, this ribbed jersey developed exclusively for JACK GOMME stands out for its 3D-effect construction and color change depending on the viewing angle.